The Fall can be a great time to sell OR buy.

Escape the Spring Craziness:

Because there are fewer listings than in the Spring, there is less competition for the sellers and for the buyers.

There may be less buyers but the ones that are buying tend to be more seriously looking. These buyers want to buy and get it DONE, before the holiday season sets in. Often corporate moves take place in the fall.

Ideal closing date:

You can still close in early December and enjoy the holidays in your newhome. Even a  January or February closing date will still enable you to enjoy the Spring and Summer in your new home

Less maintenance:

Sellers don't have to worry about having their gardens weeded and the lawn freshly cut, although it is a good idea to have the leaves raked.

Available movers:

For Buyers and Sellers, it is easier to book movers, unlike the May 24th weekend or even worse July 1 !!

Interior climate test:

When viewing properties, it is a good time to see how the home feels inside and if there are any furnace or insulation issues.